Lee Middle School Boosters is a parent group on campus that works to support the students, staff and teachers at Lee Middle School.  This group raises money for things like school events, extra curricular activities and technology.  In addition, the group provides support to the school in a number of ways; by helping to coordinate volunteers for school events, organizing the staff luncheon, providing campus beautification services, and a variety of other vital programs at Lee. If you would like to join the boosters there is a membership drive going on now, please contact the school office for more information.  Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Lee Staff Room.  Here are the most recent minutes:




BOOSTERS Meeting Minutes
Monday, August 29, 2016 at 6:00 pm
Karen Gossard: has a 9th grader and 6th grades. Last year, Boosters did some fun things. Would like another year to build more momentum than the previous year.
Sandra Garcia: new principal of Lee Middle School. Has been in education for 18 years. In the classroom for 10, EL specialist for 3, administration for 5
Lisa F: has an 8th grader and a 7 the graders. Was on boosters last year. Likes to be active and likes to help and also works in the district
Monique: has an 8th grader. Was previously the president of site council last year at Whitehead
Liz Rodriguez: has a 7th grader
Mounce: athletic director and a slew of other hats. Also a teacher at Lee. Has an 8th grader and has little ones at Gibson
Melissa P.: former Wildcat, has a 7th grader
Terry Price: in charge of teacher luncheons etc…
Marta Nielson: has an 8th grader and incoming 7th grader. When husband can no longer pick up the children for sports, may not see her come as often as she will need to pick up her children.
Jason LeBlanc: current treasurer. Has two in college and has an 8th grader.
Lori Hanson: has an 8th grader who use to go to Lee, but who will now be attending Douglas
Meeting Minutes review: Karen
$5,761 in accounts
Last year $1125 was approved for sound system. $1197 was approved for BMX assembly. $60 per teacher each year. $30 per para educator each year. More was reviewed….
Motion to approve these minutes (pres). Approved.
Jason LeBlanc: TREASURER


LeBlanc is trying to get a debit card instead of writing checks. He just deposited $628, which now gives us a total of $4,947. 31
He also encountered checks in the “Boosters” mailbox, as he was not aware that boosters had a mailbox. These checks have yet to be deposited.


Discussion created around reimbursement of funding for teacher’s $60 for school supplies. Teachers will need to turn in receipts in order to receive the funds. For the few teachers who have already turned in their reimbursement request forms and have not spent the total $60, a check will be written for the balance. Mounce will send out an email expressing to teachers not turn in their reimbursement request funds or receipts until they have reached $60. This will then alleviate some of the time taken to write out checks for balances. A staff directory list will be obtained from Ms. Lupita and staff may sign off for the $60 in the form of a check.


Principal’s Report: Dr. Garcia
First week of school went smooth. Being together and setting expectations for the Wildcat Way has been great. We are lucky to have an RTI specialist and a PBIS specialist. Supervision has been good and making sure that we (administration and security) were all visible during lunch times and transition times. We have a master schedule that allowed for our teachers to form villages. Mr. Tosta will oversee the 8th grade and Dr. Garcia will oversee the 7th grade. We also have 2 new counselors and a nurse who will attend when possible. For consistency purposes, the meetings are at a set time and a set period. We
are also working on department collaboration. We would like to have 2 Wednesdays per month. Each department lead has been given a folder with SBAC data. They are to review this data prior to meeting with the team to figure out what we will do school wide. We are also focusing on positive reinforcement to build consistency. Open House will be on Thursday, September 1st. At 530, we will have the Chromebook parent workshop. At 6:00 everyone meets in the gym. Open House then ends at 8:00. Picture day is also on Thursday.
What is the global picture in regards to SBAC testing? There will be a community meeting that will show data by sites and subgroups. Half of the students are proficient. There was a time when we focused on the low students and try to move them up, but there are many on the cusp that can move up as well. What are the strategies for this…we are asking ourselves and figuring this out. The results can be divided into cluster areas which will show us where we need to focus. Suggestion made to read today’s Daily Democrat. It spoke about our score raising from the first year. How students are struggling with keyboarding as well. Garcia continued to state that on the SBAC website, you can see the comparison between California and Lee. We’ve only taken it for 2 years. We can see where students scored low in the “claims” section, for example, “research and inquiry” and we can then address and focus instructional needs here.


Mounce: Athletic Director
Volleyball tryouts start tomorrow. Practices will be from 415-515 for 7th grade and 315-415 for 8th grade. First cuts will be on Wednesday after practice. Second cuts on Thursday after practice and final cuts possibly Friday. There about 24 girls in 8th grade trying out and about 23-24 girls trying out for 7th.
Cross Country starts tomorrow. Practice will be from about 310-420 on the field. There are about 30 students on the team
Luis Wiley made a presentation. Stated that $96,000 would go to middle schools with $125 secondary??? However we do not have enough bus drivers in the district. Buses are a first come, first serve basis. District busses are first priority and cheaper? However, with district busses, players must have a 100 release time as the bus drivers will still need to make their rounds to schools for the regular pickups. This many times leaves our players waiting about 2 hours at another school because they had to get there early. Sometimes our players have to wait in the rain. Charter busses cost about $1000 plus overages. We will continue to rely on parent support and we will try to get busses for sports we know we can’t get drivers for (example: soccer)
Country for Coaches was well attend, however we don’t know about monies until about November/December.
Small discussion about uniforms and how they are irreplaceable. And that uniforms cost from about $3000-$5000 per team.
Athletics is 100% fundraised including the referees. Entry fees go to leadership as sports do not have enough parent volunteers to cover the door. In order for this to happen, parents would need to stay at the door, tally entries, etc… it is easier for leadership to cover this, as they have a team of students and parents who are invested for the entire year as opposed to sports parents whose only investment is 3-4 months.


Question raised about the progress/money about the paint as it did not get accomplished. Someone spoke to Dr. Olvera (Armando) less than a week ago and he stated that it is still in process. The money to
improve the bleachers, exterior painting, and lunch tables would be coming from the district, as $67000 from the site improvement funds.
Karen will stay on as president
Michelle as secretary
Jason as treasurers
Terri and Melissa as co hospitality (in charge of arranging luncheons, etc…)
(both were nominated and voted in . Decree made by Karen and Lisa second the decree)
We will meet first Monday of every month


Lori was previous chair of the Zombie run (fun run-5k) This is held the last Saturday in October, closest to Halloween. This year it will be on Saturday, October 29th.
Whose willing to becoming chair? Someone mentioned Brandy from Nugget might be interested. Liz agree to be chair with the support of both Lori and Mounce. The first meeting for the Zombie Run will be on Wednesday, September 7th at 6:00 in staff lounge?
Project Safe will be held on October 21st


Financial Requests
Ms Logan would like $101.75 to purchase 10 copies of Scholastic Scope for her classroom. This will allow the students to read and discuss current events using Common Core Standards. The magazine allows for students to use cloze reading strategies and critical thinking questions that lends itself to deeper class discussions and improvement of reading comprehension skills. Lessons also includ grammar as well. Request approved.
Meeting adjourned at 7:15.